The journal “Human. Community. Management” (“Chelovek. Soobshchestvo.Upravlenie”) has been published since 1999 (founded by Kuban State University). It is an interdisciplinary journal, focusing on social and humanitarian studies. The topical issues of Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy and Social Administration are discussed on the journal pages. The journal welcomes the submission of the manuscripts, devoted to the topics of the intersection of different disciplines and describing the results of joint international and inter-regional research projects, scientific overviews, reviews and analytical materials. The journal policy is specified by the international editorial board, and the publishing process is organized by the editorial staff. The composition structure of both bodies reflects the principle of a geographical diversity. As per decision of the General Committee of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, the journal has been included in the List of top reviewed scientific journals and publications, containing the basic scientific results of Doctor and Candidate theses.

The journal aims are

  • to publish and promote the results of researches in the field of socio-humanitarian knowledge,
  • to advance the space for the scientific cooperation of the professional communities of humanitarian and social scientists,
  • to integrate the studies of the Russian scientists into the global scientific discourse and develop the international scientific and academic relations,
  • to progress the interdisciplinary researches,
  • to encourage the establishment of research and expert networks in the perspective and innovative areas of the development of social sciences and the humanities.

The principles of the journal editorial policy are

  • openness (The journal is open to the cooperation with the scientists of all generations, representing different scientific schools, regions and countries.),
  • accessibility (The journal has published the manuscripts under the open access policy, the manuscripts are submitted through the online submission system.),
  • high quality of publications (Only original research articles and overviews are accepted. The journal uses the double-blind review procedure and scans the manuscripts for plagiarism with the system “Anti-Plagiarism”), and
  • strict observance of the ethical standards stated in the Principles of publication ethics of the «Human. Community Management» Journal.

The main journal sections are

  • Issues of Political Theory
  • Public Policy
  • Political Institutes and Processes
  • Political Administration
  • Theory and Methodology of Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Personality Psychology
  • Labour Psychology
  • EducationalPsychology
  • Issues of Social Theory
  • Sociology and Psychology of Politics
  • Sociological Interpretations
  • Problems of Safety
  • Local Communities
  • Lectern (the materials devoted to the problems of the implementation of educational programmes in Russia and abroad)
  • Scientific Life (overviews and the information on the scientific events which were held)
  • Reviews (reviews of scientific publications)

The journal has been listed in the catalogues of “Rospechat” (Russian Press), has subscribers, and its issues are distributed to 50 top academic institutes and higher education institutions of Russia. The electronic archive is available on the journal web-site and on the web-site of the Russian Science Citation Index (the scientific electronic library “eLIBRARY.RU”). The library provides the open access for all the materials.

The journal is kept at a high scientific level by its editorial board, consisting of the competent scientists, representing top Russian and foreign universities and research centers.

We invite individual contributors, scientific and educational organizations to the cooperation!