I.A. Apollonov, A.S. Berberyan  pp.47-57

Abstract. The paper deals with the issues related to socio-cultural foundations of human subject structures formation. The aim of the paper is to analyze the dialectical relationship between the determinants of social culture that determine Man’s “second nature” and attainment of freedom – a constituent characteristic of actor. The methodology of the research is based on the activity approach that regards Man as actor who masters and transforms himself and his world through rational and significant personal activity. Culture isregarded as a social code that determines essential predicates of an individual and shapes the axiological level of his consciousness and self- consciousness. The paper features the interrelation between the norms and the patterns that act as socio-cultural determinants of human subjectivity formation and serve as value-based level of culture that helps Man generate ideals. Within this activity, a specific set of personal values — those that make up the basis of life and determine integral, not imposed, responsibility as an inherent and basic characteristic of personality freedom, is shaped. Interiorization analysis of social culture forms allows to reveal the level of “normalcy” in the area of personal cultural meaning and personal meaning formed against the background of mutual evaluation of socio-cultural patterns and Man’s everyday life. As a result, it becomes possible to obtain actor’s own s attitudewhich determines Individual’s attitude to norms and patterns and cultural attractors from the peak of ultimate values of Man’s being. The author of the research substantiates the conclusion that socio-cultural determinants are necessary grounds for Man as actor to acquire freedom of constructive endeavor. The research contains materials of long-standing that illustrate how young people self-comprehend their ethno-cultural identity.

Keywords: subject, activity, culture, norms and values, freedom and responsibility, interiorization of cultural forms, normality, the production of ideals