V. А. Labunskaya

Vera А. Labunskaya, Southern Federal University. Bolshaya Sadovaya, 105/42, Rostov-on- Don, 344006, Russia.

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Acknowledgements. This work was supported by the Russian Scientific Foundation, No.171801260 (“The social psychology of appearance: functions, significance, satisfaction, concerns, the interpretation in the interpersonal and intragroup interaction in youth environment”).

Abstract. In article it is emphasized that development of digital space demands studying of satisfaction with life of young people, which become “digital generation”. In article it is noted, that life in the digital world has an impact on appearance psychology phenomenology. In it is noted, that the appearance is included in life of the person, has a certain value and the importance in various contexts of activity; is an object of the relations. The research executed on the basis of "Multifactorial Model of Attitudes towards Appearance” is given in article. Research hypothesis: there can be multidirectional interrelations between self-assessments, estimates of the importance of appearance for various aspects of activity, for increase in feeling of happiness, between measures of expressiveness of valuable orientation to attractive appearance, between satisfaction, concern about appearance and levels of satisfaction with life. Methods: “Life satisfaction Index” (ILS) test (N. V. Panina, 1993); the questionnaire “Self esteem appearance” (Labunskaya, 2009), the questionnaire “Assessment of the importance of attractive appearance for improvement of various aspects of activity” (V. A. Labunskaya, G. V. Serikov, 2018), the modified version of the questionnaire of S. S. Bubnova "Diagnostics of real structure of valuable orientations of the personality" (1999), the questionnaire "The attitude towards the appearance: satisfaction and concern" (V. A Labunskaya, E. V. Kapitanova, 2017). 86 people of student's age participated in a research (Age m = 20.07), among them there are 43 men and 43 women. Results of a research confirm a hypothesis: the trend of decrease in satisfaction with life correlates with increase in the importance and value of appearance, concern; of the Trend of increase in satisfaction with life correlates with higher satisfaction with appearance and self-assessments of appearance. Conclusion. Multidirectional interrelations between appearance self-assessments, estimates of the importance, value of appearance and levels of satisfaction with life correspond to logic of creation of Multifactorial Model of Attitudes towards Appearance", are empirical confirmation of built “model”.

Keywords: life satisfaction, value of appearance, significance of appearance, appearance self-assessment, concern, satisfaction of appearance, students

DOI: 10.31429/26190567-20-4-198-209